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Training Overview

Requirements for the program

  • All applicants must have basic proficiency in computer usage. We will not be teaching basic knowledge of computer usage, hence applicants must be familiar with various basic operations on the computer.
  • Each package comes with some additional requirements. If you do not have the skills required, it is advisable to attend the optional modules of that package.
  • All applicants are expected to practice learnt skills at their own time. Innovative thinking and extra effort to improve is highly required to make learnt skills operational.
  • The maximum of students in a class is 10, any application received after the class is full will be pushed to the next cycle of the program. Note that preference will be given to candidates who applied early and to those that applied for longer packages.

Program Packages

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”Remote Sensing Application & GIS (Desktop & Web based)”]

Basic Skills in GIS and RS: This is a proficiency course to upskill in GIS and remote sensing, providing hands on practical works to equip you with what you need to know in the field to kick start your career.

  • Basic Database
  • Introduction to GIS
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing
[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Database Management System”]

Advanced Skills in GIS: This is to learn advanced techniques in GIS that can help with problem solving in your GIS career. Basic skills in GIS is a prerequisite. If you do not have the basic requirement, then the first course set is compulsory.

  • Basic skills in GIS and RS (Optional for candidate with basic skills in GIS)
  • Learn AutoCAD
  • Advanced Geoprocessing
  • Advanced Geostatistics

Advanced Database Programming Skills: This is for anyone who wants to dive deep into programming database.

  • Basic Database Design
  • Advanced Database Design and Management
[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Programming (Python, Java, PHP, HTML5, Javascript)”]

Web GIS Services Development Skills: This package is for those that want to understand how to publish their GIS products and maps on the web. You will learn how to create both static and dynamic maps on the web using some tools, API and programming language such as PHP and Java script.

  • Basic Database (optional for candidate with basic skills in Database)
  • Introduction to GIS (Optional for candidate with basic skills in GIS)
  • Web Programming for GIS

Advanced Web Programming Skills: This is for anyone that is interested in adding more knowledge of web service development with web programming language like PHP, CSS, Java script, XHTML and HTML5. Basic understanding of the web is a requirement.

  • Advanced Database Design and Management
  • Advanced Web programming
[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”SPSS & STATA”]

Advanced Skills in Geostatistics: The course is for those that wants to deepen their knowledge in the analysis of geospatial data using advanced tools and languages such as R.

  • Basic GIS and RS
  • Statistics with SPSS and STATA (optional for those that already have basic knowledge of statistics with tools such as SPSS)
  • Advanced Geostatistics
[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”AUTOCAD”]

AutoCAD works as a computerized drawing board for designers. Computer aided designs are accurate in terms of scales and dimensions. Mostly used for designing space, the Mathematical features of the space are inputted into the computer to give a 2-dimensional representation of that space. To use AutoCAD, one should:

  • Have a basic knowledge of the use of a computer
  • Have the mental ability to represent a 3-dimensional space (optical view) on 2-dimensional spaces (computer screen or paper). In other words, be a designer
  • Be knowledgeable about Math/Geometry

Custom Learning Package: Applicants can choose any module or combination of modules to learn based on interest/needs. We can also be contacted for advice on what combination will be useful for your career.