About Us

About Us

Since its establishment in 2015, Cizoti Nigeria Ltd has become a leading GIS and IT company in Nigeria, providing top-notch geospatial services and products to clients across various sectors through the use of advanced geospatial technologies. Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to create interactive geospatial dashboards and develop custom, user-friendly and scalable web/mobile applications for location-based services such as health information systems, flood prediction, precision agriculture, etc.

What We Do

GIS & Remote Sensing Consultancy

We provide a range of consultancy services in GIS and RS across various sectors and help our clients to:

  • Collect, Analyze, and Visualize Spatial Data

  • Develop APIs to Automate Data Processing and Validation

  • Formulate and Implement Projects 

  • Develop Visualization Dashboards

  • Procure Geospatial Data, GIS Software, and Hardware

  • Create and Manage Spatial Databases

  • Perform Web Mapping and Geoprocessing Tasks 

  • Conduct Urban and Regional Planning 

  • Develop Flood Models

  • Carry out Drone Mapping and Image Processing

  • Undertake Feasibility and Viability Studies

  • Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments 

  • Monitor and Evaluate Projects

  • Write and Review Technical Reports

Product Development

We develop custom web and mobile applications that provide location-based services and enable clients to access, visualize, and analyze geospatial data on-the-go. These user-friendly applications are designed to meet the specific needs of clients, providing powerful geospatial capabilities in a convenient and accessible format. Some applications we have developed include: 

  • Flood Prediction App

  • Health Facility Information System for Emergency Response

  • Geo-visualization Portal for Flood Monitoring

  • eLearning Portal 

  • USSD App for Disaster Response

Object Tracking & Tracing

  • Real-Time Car Tracking with GPS/GPRS Devices

  • Individual Safety Tracking and Distress Alert Services

  • Location, Direction and Street Guide Services

Capacity Building in Geoinformatics

  • Enterprise GIS & Web Map Programming

  • Drone Building, Mapping and Image Processing 

  • Web/mobile Apps Development 

  • Flood Modelling Techniques

  • Database Management

  • Data Analytics 

  • Spatial Database Development and Management

  • Remote Sensing Applications: Image Correction, Enhancement and Visualization

  • Data Acquisition Techniques with GPS 

  • Spatial Data Processing, Analysis and Visualization with GIS Tools

  • Geospatial Intelligence (GeoINT)

Equipment Sales & Hiring Service

  • Training Equipment such as Laptops, GIS/RS software, Projectors 

  • Printers, Plotters and Scanners

  • Data Collection Equipment such as Drones, GPS Devices, Workstations, Mobile Devices configured for Field Survey and On-Site Data Collection

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